” … and as the gateway opened the first Synths stepped through … ” – the Witness


Meet the Synths

“… On a rainy day, up on the hill, several lightning bolts started striking the ground violently.

At first I paid no interest but the more I watched the more I realized that I’m not looking at a natural event: the lighting bolts were slowly converging to a small area and suddenly all started striking the same spot with incredible precision.

Imagine my awe when a gateway started materializing out of thin air, leveling the nearby trees, and the first scouts of the Synths stepped through!

Oh! what a sight that was to witness. Scared, you ask !? Of course I was scared! I was petrified! My inner voice kept begging me to take shelter, but the curiosity to see what came next, got the better of me. 

Soon after, an entire battalion emerged, in small groups, rigorously organized as any disciplined military force would operate …”

~ tales of the Witness, Chapter 1

Meet the Apes

“… even though it’s been almost a year, the memory of the Synths’ arrival still lingers in my mind! I can’t shake the feeling that I need to return to that hill. It’s like some strange force is calling for my return …

…  finally here! I did not recall for this journey to have taken so long before. Hmm.. this place has changed a lot since last year. They really did not waste any time building their settlement, let me see if I can get a closer look …

… what!? where did those storm clouds come from!? It was such a sunny day a few minutes ago. No! No! No! not that lighting again! Even the Synths are becoming agitated; why are they taking defensive positions ?!

… and the lightning struck the ground, again and again and the gateway opened, but this time it was not the Synths that came through, but some weird looking cyborg Apes instead!

… and chaos soon followed …”

~ tales of the Witness, Chapter 13


Phase I

The arrival of the Synth Legion on Elrond

  • the collection of 3.330 unique 3D Synths is created; 
  • Twitter account, Discord server and Website are created;
  • Introduce the collection to the Elrond community and start engaging with members and build partnerships;
  • Organize events for members to earn White List spots for the upcoming Presale;
Phase II

The Synth Legion begins its mission on Elrond

  • Decide which Marketplace will host the Presale;
  • Organize the First Presale of 1000 Synths at a mint price of 0.20 EGLD with max 10 mints per wallet;
  • After the first Presale is minted begin to organize events and individual and team contests (Synth Faction Wars);
  • Continue to grow the community and organize giveaways, events and contests;
  • Release the remaining Synths during the public launch -  price to be determined closer to launch: 0.30 EGLD
  • EDIT: reserve a dedicated 100 NFT supply (30 EGLD value) to be minted for $BRKZ exclusive token;
  • Continue with scheduled individual and team contests and challenges;
Phase III

The Synth Legion continue to expand their dominance

  • Start working on the Second 3D Collection in the Synth Legion saga;
  • Continuous effort to grow the community and increase engagement in individual and team contests and challenges;
  • New collaborations, marketing campaigns and giveaways in preparation of the launch of the second collection;
Phase IV

The full force of the Synth Legion arrives

  • Make preparations to launch the second collection;
  • Owners of the first collection that hold a top rarity Synth  will get one NFT airdropped for free; the remaining holders automatically get whitelisted for the Owner Presale (very affordable mint price);
  •  Early supporters of the project along with the most active community members will also receive an NFT airdropped for free;
  • Organize the public sale of the remaining Synths in multiple batches;
  • Once the second collection is sold out, analyze the state of the NFT space and decide what additional utility to add (staking, merch, etc.)


The expeditionary force of the Synths has traveled back in time from our distant future in order to guide and protect us from the dangers that lay ahead and to prevent our community’s collapse.

Once the gateway was opened, their rival faction – the Apes – followed through, bringing the conflict between the two factions to our world.

For now only a small part of each faction has made it through the gateway with the mission of establishing a base, making contact with the human inhabitants while assessing the situation before the larger contingent arrives.

This expeditionary force is made up of all-female-like Synth regiments which are highly skilled in technology and diplomacy but can be quite deadly if provoked.

The Apes on the other hand… well… they are acting just as you would have expected from any Ape tribe, creating mischief and chaos wherever they go; we have yet to discover the purpose of their mission.

… from the little we know about them, through our observations and limited contact, they seem to be avid collectors of all sorts of objects, but more importantly, are willing to trade for them. To be honest I’m not sure how a used pencil and an old cassette with the tape pulled out would fascinate anyone, but that Ape really seemed to want them, so I traded them to her…” ~ tales of the witness, Chapter 21

The Synth Legion is a collection of 3.330 unique high quality 3D PFP NFTs that are created on the Elrond blockchain.

The collection is divided into two Factions: Synths and Apes, each having 1.665 members in their ranks.

There are 4 rarity Tier levels within each faction:

  • 15 (Synth) Commanders / 15 (Ape) Alphas – will have hand-picked trait combinations on top of an exclusive trait;

  • 75 (Synth) Captains / 75 (Ape) Elders – will have custom body in three color variants and one exclusive trait;

  • 375 (Synth) Specialists / 375 (Ape) Shamans – will have one exclusive trait;

  • 1200 (Synth) Soldiers / 1200 (Ape) Warriors – no exclusive traits*;

*note: based on the current traits, there are currently over 600K possible outcomes, with only 1.665 being generated per each faction; so based on the overall randomness the Soldiers / Warriors will still play a crucial role within the rarity rankings!

Apart from the implicit higher rarity rank, the special rewards for owning a Synth/Ape from each tier level are as follows:

(Synth) Commanders / (Ape) Alphas:

  • hand-picked trait selection;
  • if the owner is selected as a random winner for events, the prize is doubled;
  • if the owner is selected as a random winner for events they get to decide which Faction gets the winning point x3 on the scoreboard;
  • when the second collection is launched, the owner at that time receives a free NFT from the new collection of equal (top) rarity tier;

(Synth) Captains / (Ape) Elders:

  • if the owner is selected as a random winner for events they get to decide which Faction gets the winning point x2 on the scoreboard;
  • when the second collection is launched, the owner at that time receives a free NFT from the new collection;

(Synth) Specialists / (Ape) Shamans:

  • if the owner is selected as a random winner for events they get to decide which Faction gets the winning point x2 on the scoreboard;
  • when the second collection is launched, a special presale with lower mint prices will be organized just for owners of this tier level;

(Synth) Soldiers / (Ape) Warriors:

  • if the owner is selected as a random winner for events they get to decide which Faction gets the winning point on the scoreboard;
  • when the second collection is launched, a special presale with lower mint prices will be organized just for owners of this tier level;

The Synth Legion collection (3330) will become available for purchase, at first, during a Presale event of 1000 NFTs each.

Afterwards, the remaining quantities (2030) will become available for minting during the Public sale.

The Presale will prioritize whitelisted members. Check out our Twitter and Discord for details and opportunities to obtain a whitelist spot!

Our mint will be hosted on Frame it marketplace: access it here

The price for purchasing a Synth during the Presale will be 0.20 EGLD with a max 10 limit per wallet.

The exact price for the Public mint will range between 0.30 EGLD.

This structure is created to reward the early adopters.

The Synth Legion project mainly focuses on the artistic part! we want to utilize what we do best and that is to offer a high quality 3D profile picture at a very affordable mint price that would be accessible to the majority of the Elrond community. 

Our goal is to build a passionate community that enjoys actively taking part in various Individual or Team (Faction) activities and challenges that reward members with NFTs and/or EGLD.

We invite our members to discover the journey of these two factions and, even more, to help us write their story together.

On occasion, special events will also reward winners, that hold at least one Synth/Ape, with the opportunity to have us enhance their Synth/Ape NFT into a separate piece of digital art (rendered in a higher custom resolution/format) that might be better suited for printing purposes and even insert and render a small personal lucky charm/object or picture into the artwork itself.

A second collection is planned on the roadmap and holders of rare Synths/Apes will benefit from having an NFT from this second collection airdropped for free, while owners of lesser rarity tiers will have an exclusive presale (with low mint price) organized just for them.

UPDATE December 2022 marks the launch of our utility $BRKZ token.
The $BRKZ 🧱 will be airdropped on a month basis based on the number of NFTs available in each member’s wallet at the time of the snapshot.
This token can be used to claim both Digital (custom NFT artworks, access to auctions and lotteries, etc.) as well as Physical (merch: hoodie, t-shirt, stickers, etc.) items!

While the above points might make our utility seem limited, in comparison to other projects, this is what we can currently offer to ensure our project’s sustainability in the long run. 

That being said, we plan to continue to monitor the market trends and if any viable opportunity, that matches our vision, is identified, we will do our best to incorporate it in our project.

(i.e. we are thinking, as more chapters will be written, to put together a scrapbook that will contain not just the chapters themselves, but also the contributing members’ twitter/discord handle for each chapter they wrote, alongside memes and other important moments in the life of this project).

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting a Synth or an Ape:

  • if you were thinking of expanding your NFT portfolio to include a high quality 3D PFP, while at the same time not breaking your piggybank;
  • if you are new and just starting to experiment with NFTs, the artistic quality of our collection combined with the low mint price might represent a good starting point for you;
  • if you want to become part of a community that focuses on organizing various contests and challenges at both an individual and team (faction) level and get rewarded for your contribution;
  • if lady luck is on your side to win one of our special events, the team will enhance your Synth/Ape NFT as a separate unique piece of digital art which will be rendered in a higher custom resolution/format making it better suited for printing purposes and, going as far as, inserting and rendering a small personal lucky charm/object or a favorite picture into the artwork itself;
  • if you are a fan of the Synth/Cyborg/Android theme or if you are looking for a new take on the popular Ape theme and want a cool PFP – even if “right-click-save” would work in this case, you would still miss out on the various prizes and airdrops awarded to owners.
  • if you are an NFT degen always on the lookout for new projects to mint and flip for a quick profit, our low presale mint price will definitely draw your attention – we do hope though to win you over and hodl instead.

Here are a few reasons why we consider that our project might not be best suited to match your needs:

  • If you expect passive income through farming or staking with regular EGLD, MEX or LKMEX, etc. or any other token distribution – there are plenty of other well established projects that already offer you these types of rewards.
  • If you expect any virtual land to be available for purchase/trade in a future metaverse – there is one top project on Elrond offering this (ping us on Discord if you don’t already know which and we’ll direct you to them).
  • If you expect a pc/mobile game to be developed by us where you can use your NFTs to play – several other projects on Elrond are currently working on this, some with shooters, others guided by the power of ancient Dacian gods and even one that involves old bearded men with wizard hats!


Before going into the team details, we would like to thank you for taking interest in our project and making the time to visit our website to learn more about us.

As you may have already noticed from the FAQs, we believe strongly in a clear and transparent communication and we consider to have provided you with all details (pros & cons) for making an informed decision about joining us (or not) on our journey. 

The Synth Legion project is composed of a small team of two good friends who have known each other for over 10 years and have previously worked together on projects outside the crypto space. They are both very passionate about the Elrond Community and believe strongly in the future of Elrond and what it has to offer, thus making the choice on which blockchain to develop the Synths project a no-brainer.

Even though other people will be involved during the life of this project to assist with community moderation or on the technical side, n0x and Neonay will always remain at the core of the Synth Legion project.


Say hi to n0x, the mastermind behind the Synths project. He comes with an extensive project management experience in a corporate environment being the leader of a market research department for the past 7 years. He will be the main point of contact, in charge of marketing, collaborations and communication strategy.


The second co-founder is Neonay. He is the artist behind the Synths project and is also a very talented tattoo artist in his spare time with hundreds of people having sat in his tattoo chair. Neoney is well versed in 3D modeling & rendering as well as anything involving the Adobe Creative Suite. He is the go-to person for custom artworks.